Radiola player logoFreeware player for online radio. You can listen the preselected high quality streams or add yours. Drag&drop support for playlists (local files as well as URLs from stations websites). Automatic streams retrieving from playlists. History of all listened tracks helps to avoid your memory leaks.

Windows and Mac versions available @ download section

  • radiolist.txt – list of radiostations in plain text delimited by tabs (\t)
  • history.txt – list of the tracks you had listen
  • radiola.cfg – configuration file (only proxy in this version)

All theese files are stored in default LocalAppData folder like “c:\users\NAME\AppData\Radiola”. The exact location depends on OS.¬†You can open this location by pressing Ctrl-E while main window of the player is opened.

Radiola supports automatic streams addresses retrieving from playlists. To use this feature the playlist should be in the form of http url (to .pls or .m3u file on radio station site). You can copy&paste link to playlist or drag in from the site and drop to the radios tree. Local playlists is supported as well, but the streams addresses inside of them are fixed and not updated.